Fannie Mae Reports Second Quarter Optimism

Home Buying & Selling News

You may have noticed more “SOLD” signs around Sussex County recently and that is a sign of change – of positive change – according to Fannie Mae! The housing market is showing definite signs of improvement which is good news, regardless of whether you are a buyer or seller. The Fannie Mae Economic & Strategic…Read More »

Home Buyers & Sellers – How Quickly Can You Move?

days on the market and your home

Often when we speak to someone who wants to sell their home, they have an immediate need. This can also be true for home buyers. When you are ready, no time is fast enough for finding a home! How long do you think it should take to sell a home? How long do you feel…Read More »

Credibility Matters in Real Estate

Realtor Symbol shows credibility in real estate

When buying and selling a home, it is important to trust the team that will represent you, from your real estate agent to the mortgage broker. Checking on certifications or credentials can bring peace of mind and help you as a consumer feel more “at home” with the real estate professionals with whom you will…Read More »

Real Estate Terms 101 – Rehoboth Beach Real Estate

Rehoboth Beach real estate terms

The real estate industry can sometimes use jargon that is difficult to understand. We attempt to clear up some of the confusion for you. Consider this a primer to learning a few of those terms! “CLOSING” - Closing refers to the final steps in securing a home purchase.  When a property is sold, it is referred…Read More »

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