2012 Lewes Christmas Parade – Lewes Real Estate

Lewes Christmas Parade Delaware

In addition to the Lewes Historical Society Christmas House Tour, December 1st is also the day of the Lewes Old Fashioned Christmas Parade. The Christmas Parade is the culmination of a number of special events and activities associated with the celebration of Christmas in Historic Lewes. The parade starts on Savannah Road at 5 o’clock…Read More »

Selling Your Home During the Holidays – Rehoboth Beach Real Estate

exterior-holiday-home-rehoboth beach real estate

Traditionally the holiday season is not the best time to sell your home due to tight schedules, weather conditions, and overall busy schedules. However if you still would like to sell your home before year-end, there are some things you can do to make your home outshine other listings. We historically find that the holiday…Read More »

Celebrate Gratitude and Thanksgiving – Rehoboth Beach Real Estate

thanksgiving rehoboth beach real estate

We think the secret to a awesome Thanksgiving in your home is to approach it with a sense of gratitude. Make your guest list of those you love and are glad to have in your life and include them in the meal preparation. Including your guests can be as simple as asking them to contribute…Read More »

Christmas Tour of Lewes – Lewes Real Estate

christmas tour of historic lewes real estate

One of Lewes’s most beloved holiday traditions, the Christmas Tour of Lewes benefiting the Lewes Historical Society, is set for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012. This self-guided tour gives the Society a chance to show off its historic Lewes Delaware houses decorated for the season. In addition, several private homes are…Read More »

Protecting Your Home From Winter – Rehoboth Beach Real Estate

Winter rehoboth beach real estate

Cooling weather trends bring with them rain and snow and can also result in damage to your home. Now’s the time to consider making needed preparations to your home, from roof repairs and securing insulation to cleaning the rain gutters to make sure your home is safe to weather the storms. Surprisingly, clear rain gutters…Read More »

Why Home Buyers Need Inspections – Rehoboth Beach Real Estate

Home Inspection

If you ever watch any home buying or remodeling shows on satellite or cable TV, you know what kinds of secrets a home inspection can reveal about a seemingly-safe house! Home inspections are crucial before finalizing any real estate purchase. The purpose of a home inspection is to evaluate the physical condition of the home…Read More »

Inexpensive Home Upgrades – Rehoboth Beach Real Estate

home_improvement_rehoboth beach real estate

“Will it be expensive to get my home ready?” This question is often posed when someone is ready to sell a home, but it doesn’t have to be. Making your home repairs and upgrades as needed can actually lead to a happier home owning lifestyle and will also mean that you are ready to go,…Read More »

Your Home and Fall Gardening – Rehoboth Beach Real Estate

Apple trees and your home

As the weather cools and the leaves begin to change, fall is the time to get your home and garden prepped for winter.  Whether you are planting fruit trees or perennials, this is the perfect time to form your action plan and get started on beautifying your home. Garden Prep –  For many gardeners fall…Read More »

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