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Get Your Home Sold! – Rehoboth Beach Real Estate

Sold Home For Sale Rehoboth Beach Real EstateTrying to sell your home but not getting the foot traffic and interest you expected? Chances are your home is not priced correctly or not available at the right hours. Pricing to sell in Sussex County, Delaware is a very individual process and may not always be about current market rates and comparable properties. However some simple tips below can help you to get you on the path to sell your home more quickly.

The truth is, most home prices are set too high from the get-go, resulting in more days on the market and lowered enthusiasm when response from buyers is lackluster. Buyers typically focus on new listings, so pricing your home at a reasonable and realistic price from the start is key.

Once you’ve set your price, you must showcase or “stage” your home for sale in such a way that the price becomes a non-issue. Buyers will visit your home knowing what they can afford and if they like what they see and your home in is their budget, they will be more likely to place an offer on your home.

In order to like what they see, your potential buyer must have access to your home for sale on their schedule, so along with pricing and staging techniques, make sure you allow plenty of available hours for viewing. Evenings and weekends are critical times for home showings as buyers’ busy schedules and demanding work hours may prevent daytime viewing. To get your best price, you must be willing and able to accommodate their time frames.

Finally, online marketing of your listing is more crucial than ever.  Today’s Rehoboth Beach Real Estate market is more and more about technology. Almost 90% of all home buyers last year used the internet to begin their search for their next home. Nearly 40% of buyers actually found the home that they finally purchased on the internet. With the resources of Ocean Atlantic Sotheby’s International Realty and our local experience, we know we have the tools to get the job done.  Please visit our List with Us Page to see how we will develop a marketing plan for your home.

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